Java libraries

Xypron GUI Components

GUI Components is a class library written in Java. It facilitates writing Swing applications.

Discrete Event Simulation

Xypron Discrete Event Simulation is a class library and application written in Java. It provides discrete event simulation for supply chains.


Xypron Statistics is a Java library which was developped with supply chain simulation in mind. The normal, the exponential and the gamma distribution have been included. Methods to calculate fill rate and order rate service levels as well as safety factors are provided. The Mersenne Twister algorithm is used to provide high quality random number generation.

Linear Optimization

GLPK for Windows

GLPK for Windows supplies Windows executables for the GLPK library.

GLPK for Java

GLPK for Java supplies a Java binding for the GLPK library.

The Linear Optimization Wrapper for Java provides an intuitive interface.


GLPK for C#/CLI supplies a Common Language Interface binding for the GLPK library.


Statistics for MySQL

Statistics for MySQL provides additional statistical functions (like Pearson's coefficient of correlation) which are missing in MySQL. DLLs for 32 and 64bit Windows as well as makefiles for Linux are available.

MediaWiki Extension: Require Editor Privilege

The Require Editor Privilege extension for MediaWiki adds two new user groups: editors and readers. Readers can read any article that a user could read in a standard wiki. Editors can do anything a user could do in a standard wiki. Users without the readers privilege can view the main page only.

Graphical Category Browser for MediaWiki

The Graphical Category Browser adds graphs to the category pages showing the relationships to other categories. A special page "Graphical Categories Browser" is added, showing a network diagram of all categories.