Minimum example

Each application using the GUI library will subclass IdeApplication and the override some of the methods to add its own functionality.

A minimum example that does not add any functionality is:

package de.xypron.ui.example;

import de.xypron.ui.components.IdeApplication;

public class Example1 extends IdeApplication
    public static void main( String[] args )
        new Example1().run();

IconBuffer and IdeText

The GUI library provides class IconBuffer to create objects of type ImageIcon. The icon files have to be stored in path src/main/resources.

Furthermore text for the GUI can read from resource bundles using class IdeText. For the example below create file strings.properties in the src/main/ressources/de/xypron/ui/example path with the following content:

Tab.tip=Output goes here

Read the javadoc of java.util.ResourceBundle for details about resource bundles.

package de.xypron.ui.example;

import de.xypron.ui.components.IdeApplication;
import de.xypron.ui.components.IdePanel;
import de.xypron.util.IconBuffer;
import de.xypron.util.IconName;

public class Example2 extends IdeApplication {

    private static final String TAB_KEY = "TAB";

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new Example2().run();

    protected void init() {
                TAB_KEY, new Tab(), getText("Tab.title"),
                IconBuffer.getIcon(Tab.class), getText("Tab.tip"), true);

    private class Tab extends IdePanel {